Denso-Kirloskar Pvt. Ltd.

The factory premise of M/s DENSO-KIRLOSKAR INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. is situated on the National Highway-4, from Bangalore to Poona, immediately after Nelamangala town at an approximate distance of 30 kilometres from Bangalore city centre.


  • The factory is supplied with water from 2 functioning bore-wells in their own premise.
  • About 40,000 litres of water is being consumed daily and is pumped from the bore-wells.


  • A sump of capacity 100,000 litres and an overhead tank of capacity 50,000 litres serve as storage of water.


  • A 20,000 litre capacity sump adjacent to the storm water drain on the West Side to the block is suggested. This will be linked to the existing sump by means of a 1 h.p pump and filters to harvest rainwater from 2700 sq. mt of the western half of the main block.
  • A check dam of stone masonry is suggested near the culvert of about 30 feet in length and of about 3 feet in height with a foundation of about 4 feet.
  • A combination of 3 wells to be appropriately located before and after the check dams for recharge of ground water is suggested. 2 would be on the upstream side and 1 on the downstream of the proposed check dam. The wells would be of 3 feet diameter concrete rings and would be to a depth of about 12 feet more or less depending on subsoil condition.
  • A 150-mm diameter PVC pipe to link the masonry storm drain on the East side of the block is suggested to link it to the natural nullah. The pipe would run below the ground for a length of bout 200 feet.

Status of the Project

  • The Rainwater Club did the design and the implementation of the water harvesting structures.
  • Three open wells were also dug on the upstream side of the check dam. Rooftop rainwater was diverted to the catchment area of the check dam.


  • The bore well downstream of the check dam which was yielding water for 2 hours pumping only can now be pumped for 4 hours.
  • It is expected that about 60 lakh litres of water is being harvested which makes the campus self sufficient for its entire water requirements.
  • There is a good potential for wise water use to be adopted in all its plants all across the world also incorporating rainwater harvesting.
Denso-Kirloskar Pvt. Ltd.
AIM: To recharge the Ground Water Table by the method of Rainwater Harvesting
COST: Rs. 60,000/-
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