Ponds & Wells

A farm pond is an excellent water harvesting device. For 1 Hectare, a farm pond of dimension 30 feet x 30 feet x 10 feet , adequately designed should be good.

Old wells called Kalyani's can be revived. A survey by an NG called Gram Vikasa in Kolar surveyed one Taluk and found mre than a 100 such beautiful structures.

The Systems Resource intensification method of rice farming reduces water demand by half and increases productivity too.

Even with 300 -500 mm of rain , tanks can collect water in large quantities. Rainwater harvesting in a desilted and improved tank in a village in Kolar.

Rainwater harvesting can be to recharge ground water. A ring well as in the picture can collect 6000 litres of water and allow percolation into the ground.Ground water is recharged and urban flooding is prevented if all houses follow the practice.

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