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International Issues

Water Quality Indicator Values in Selected Countries.
(PDF document-496 kb)
Contradictions and Challenges in China’s Water Policy Development
(PDF document-32.9 kb)
Sri Lanka National Rainwater Policy
(PDF document-106 kb)
Winning Poster touts Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting
(PDF document-224 kb)
Declaration of the International Forum on the Defence of Water, held in Mexico city, from 17th to 19th of March
(PDF document-27.3 kb)
Basic Water Information in India
(PDF document-11.2 kb)
United Nations - The right to water-General Comment No.15
(PDF document-124 kb)
Gender issues in water resources management (credit goes to P.Amudha, IAS UNICEF Project Tamil Nadu)
(PPT Presentation-124 kb)
Right to Water
(PDF document-593 kb)

National/State Water Policy in India

Rainwater Harvesting Stategies for Karnataka
(PDF document-293 kb)

National Water Policy
(PDF document-59.4kb)
Governmert of Karnataka Water Policy
(PDF document-33.7kb)
Report on some alleged violations of the human right to water in India
(PDF document-1.17 mb)
Minimum water quantity needed for domestic use in emergencies
(PDF document-518 kb)
Model groundwater regulation bill
(PDF document-51 kb)

Water Treatment Methods

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Some Applications in Bangalore
(PDF document-19.2kb)
Rooftop Rainwater harvesting possibility in Karnataka
(PDF document-39.3kb)
World Environment Day
(PDF document-1.3 mb)
Rainwater Harvesting in Urban areas
(PDF document-1.25 mb)
Cleaning and disinfecting wells in emergencies
(PDF document-871 kb)
Rainwater Harvesting for large site developments
(PDF document-804 kb)
Bore well recharge
(PDF document-2.94 mb)
Rain barrel
(PDF document-86 kb)
Recharge Well
(PDF document-233 kb)
Storing into the sump
(PDF document-73 kb)
Water security through conjunctive use
(PDF document-12.3 kb)


Composting Toilets
(PDF Document - 314 kb)
Eco sanitation - from waste to resource
(PDF document-1.13 mb)

Fluoride Issues

Rainwater Harvesting for Tackling Fluoride Contaminated Ground Water
(PDF document-62.5 kb)
Studies on estimation of fluoride and defluoridation of drinking water
(PDF document-579 kb)
Monthly normal rainfall in Bangalore
(Excel-2.47 mb)


Constructing a Household Sand Filter
(PDF document-427 kb)
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