House at Hoskere...

A 6000 litre tank from a large roof can provide all the drinking and cooking water requirement for a family of 5 for the year. This water will be free from fluorides and nitrates and any chemicals in groundwater.

At kurubarahalli...

Domestic rooftop rainwater harvesting.
A 2500 litre tank built of brick masonary harvests rainwater from the 25 square metre roof.
In the non-rainy time, the tank is used as a storage.

At kurubarahalli...

The rural rooftop rainwater tank is covered with Cuddapah slabs on the top and has a sand filter. No mosquito breeding is allowed. The tank should also be painted white on the outside

The harvested rain is great for washing clothes and for the cow to drink.

This is how a simple rooftop rainwater harvesting system is in a village. 400 square feet of roof area. 600 mm of rain . Means 24,000 litres of water . The tank here is 6000 litres in capacity and cost the family 7000 /- Rs.

The rainwater tank if designed well becomes a multi purpose unit.

Sit on it and cut vegetables
Do your homework during evening hours
Sleep on it during summertime.
Imagination is the key.

First came the rainwater tank. the the rain. Then water. Then the family built a bath room. Now that they have water, They will then build a toilet. The ladder to better hygiene and an improved quality of life.

Multi purpose use of a rainwater tank. the hens come home to roost.

Potters need good clean salt free water for their pots. Rooftop rainwater is one good solution

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