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Rainwater Club calls for people to take the post of Project Engineer as soon as possible.

Job description

The Key activities and responsibilities that the Project Engineer will have is :

  • Receiving visitors to the Rainwater club and providing them information and instructions about Rainwater harvesting.
  • Taking calls and responding to phone queries and email enquiries.
  • Visiting customer sites and gathering and documenting requirements information (eg: site plans, water consumption, sources etc)
  • Based on information gathered, conducting and documenting Rainwater harvesting system overall and detailed design.
  • Communicating effectively with the System implementation team and supervising implementation.
  • Going forward, will also involve marketing efforts.

  • The job will be Bangalore based.
  • The job will require very high mobility, primarily within Bangalore district. Site visits represent a very significant portion of the job responsibility.
  • The job has both technical and customer-interface components.


The candidate should have :

  • An understanding of basic Civil systems & Civil engineering principles and processes.
  • A thorough understanding and ability in Engineering drawing.
  • A very basic understanding of water management issues and solutions.
  • An appreciation of design principles - primarily common sense.
  • An ability to use / learn to use AUTOCAD, excel, Word etc packages on the computer. Must be familiar with use of computers for basic office work.
  • Good spoken English and Kannada language.
  • Writing skills in English a must, in Kannada a bonus.

The candidate may hold a Diploma, BSc, Engineering or any other degree preferably in Civil/Mechanical Engineering or closely related disciplines.

Qualities sought

The candidate should have :

  • Good and patient communication skills
  • Basic technical thinking ability
  • An ability to be well organised
  • High learnability

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